Saturday, 15 October 2016

MedicAlert Bracelets

I realize that MedicAlert bracelets are supposed to be obvious. However, if I have to wear one I want it to be somewhat discreet and blend in with my outfit. Because of that, I've been making my own for several years now. Last week I was down to my last one (they wear out and break over time) so I had to make a few more.

I've learned that I get the most wear out of simple bracelets. Big stones or unusual shapes just get in the way while I'm doing school work, and are also more likely to catch the students' attention. For that reason, I stuck to a simple black and a simple white this time. 98% of the time I'm wear black or grey so these work well for me on a daily basis.

Rather than do another tutorial, you can see how to make it by checking out this post. It's from when my blog was just a baby so please be kind, but it has clear step-by-step instructions.

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Turquoise Tea Cup: Art Class 19

I have a list of projects to share with you but haven't had the motivation... until my turquoise tea painting. I went to art class Thursday night and have been excited to share this painting with you ever since!

To create this painting I used a board that the instructor had already primed. I started by gluing pieces of a poetry book onto the board, using a mixture of white glue and water. Once that was done, I added a few doilies on top. Next I did a wash with a mix of water and beige acrylic over the entire painting, following by a navy wash around the edges. After that I added some colour using a stencil and more acrylic. While I was at that, I added solid navy around the edges of my board. 

Then came the hard part. I sketched a tea cup and painted it using acrylic mixed with water. When I was pleased with the cup, I added some steam, again using acrylic mixed with water. Finally I needed something to balance it a little so went looking through the book of poems and found the quote. I felt it was perfect for someone like me, who loves my downtime, so I added it and gave it a little brush of the same paint I used for the tea cup. Last but not least I used a fine tipped marker to draw the outline of the cup and saucer, the steam swirls, and the quote.

If you please will excuse me
I won't come to tea
For home's the best place for
All people like me!
Even though it wasn't that similar to the sample painting, I used this one as my inspiration for the cup. While my artwork is nowhere near at the caliber of Kristy Patterson, I'm thrilled with my finished results. It's the perfect piece to finish my new kitchen gallery wall, which is on my list to share with you.

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