Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Favourites of 2015

This post marks two days in a row. Maybe, just maybe, my blogging mojo is back. Hopefully my goal of getting things crossed off the list will help me get back on track with regular posting. Or perhaps I'm just dreaming.

Because I've posted so little over the past year and shared my 10 most viewed posts yesterday, I decided to only share 5 of my favourites. Also, to keep it fresh I didn't repeat any from yesterday, although some of those would definitely have made the list.

In no particular order, here they are.

This has made such a difference in my living room. I see it every day and it blends perfectly into the decor.

This was for my grandma on her 90th birthday, and is one of the few cards I've ever made. She's totally worth it!

I really enjoy my art classes (most of the time) but often find myself struggling with where to hang the pieces. This one already had a home in my guest room before I made it.

These were delicious and will become a yearly regular for sure.

This project was only completed a couple days ago but I absolutely love it. It has made such a change to our boring bedroom; it's made it more relaxing and cozy.

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

I debated doing a top 10 post this year because I've been slack on the whole blogging thing. However, in the spirit of getting things done and because I've done one every year, I decided to go for it. Here, from 10 to 1, are my most popular (by number of views) posts of 2015.

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Monday, 28 December 2015

Master Bedroom Mini Gallery Wall

I realize that this time of year I should be sharing my top posts or favourite posts or whatever and I will, just not tonight. Tonight I'm so excited to share a my mini gallery wall (and the shift in thinking behind it). I only finished it a few minutes ago and took pictures, and am so thrilled that I just can't wait.

The catalyst for this mini gallery wall, and shift in mindset, has come from the realization that I'm an "partially done" person. I have so many projects, rooms, and even sets of posts that are sort of done, and it's making me crazy. It seems like every year I set a new goal, partially finish it, and then abandon it. This year, I've decided that instead of starting new things I'm going to focus on getting things crossed off my list. 

To start, I tackled my master bedroom. 

What I've done:
painted the walls (although I don't love the colour),
painted the headboard
bought new bedding
made a pillow cover (that doesn't match at all)
made curtains (using a second set of bedding)
added some art and accessories

Before - You can see the art and photo that are now in the gallery wall.

Before - The wall with the painting is where the gallery wall is located.

What I still need to do: 
create a mini gallery wall
paint the nightstands
make some pillow covers
find / redo some lamps
find / make a large art piece over the bed
make an "established in..." sign

Now, on to the reason you're here - the mini gallery wall. 

When I was at ikea a few weeks ago (it's a two hour drive each way so I don't go often) I bought a Ribba ledge and a couple Ribba frames to go on it. Spurred on by my new goal of finishing things, I decided to stop thinking about it and get it done.

J hung the ledge and I set about decorating it. The painting is one I did in art class that was sitting on the headboard. The two smaller frames are new pieces. M (my stepdaughter) made the brown design for me yesterday. Isn't it incredible? Her talent amazes me! The "i love us" is a free printable from eighteen25 which I had printed at Costco.

Last but not least, I took our wedding picture that was beside the window and hung it above the two smaller frames. It's in a frame we bought when we were visiting the town where we got married. I think it works well with the other pieces, and I love having a piece hung above the pictures on the ledge.

Isn't it pretty? It's directly across from our bed, so it's what I see when I'm lying there and I love it! 

My one dislike is that, even though it's a Ribba ledge and Ribba frames, the frames are a little wobbly. It's hard to make them balance so they're leaned back but if they stand up straight they're too easy to bump off. I'm thinking perhaps a command strip on the bottom of each will help.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Painted Christmas Ornaments

You know those people who have beautifully decorated, colour-coordinated trees with nothing out of place? I admire their trees but will never have one myself. My tree is full of a mix of old, tacky, handmade ornaments, mixed it with a few lovely ones that were presents. Because M's living with us, we decided to make some more decorations to add to the collection.

My favourite ornament of the batch

wooden ornaments
paint (and tray)
paint brushes
paint pens
hot glue
Sharpie (to write on the back)

First we painted each wooden ornament a solid colour. Some we painted red and some we painted white. We painted one side, let them dry, and then painted the other side.

Next M added some pictures and designs to the ornaments. Some were just pictures, some had words, and one even had R's name (which is blanked out - that's why it looks odd). She used paint pens to do these but Sharpies could probably work too.

Finally we hot glued some ribbon to the back of each ornament to use to hang them on the tree.

M decided we'd keep two and give them rest to family, so she added a little message on the back of each of them with a Sharpie and I mailed them this morning.

So what kind of person are you - perfect tree or eclectic mess? Why?