Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Painted Christmas Ornaments

You know those people who have beautifully decorated, colour-coordinated trees with nothing out of place? I admire their trees but will never have one myself. My tree is full of a mix of old, tacky, handmade ornaments, mixed it with a few lovely ones that were presents. Because M's living with us, we decided to make some more decorations to add to the collection.

My favourite ornament of the batch

wooden ornaments
paint (and tray)
paint brushes
paint pens
hot glue
Sharpie (to write on the back)

First we painted each wooden ornament a solid colour. Some we painted red and some we painted white. We painted one side, let them dry, and then painted the other side.

Next M added some pictures and designs to the ornaments. Some were just pictures, some had words, and one even had R's name (which is blanked out - that's why it looks odd). She used paint pens to do these but Sharpies could probably work too.

Finally we hot glued some ribbon to the back of each ornament to use to hang them on the tree.

M decided we'd keep two and give them rest to family, so she added a little message on the back of each of them with a Sharpie and I mailed them this morning.

So what kind of person are you - perfect tree or eclectic mess? Why?

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  1. Perfection is over rated. Besides, these are adorable Al!

    Merry Christmas to you!!



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