Sunday, 12 April 2015

Purple and Green Birthday Card

Every year for my grandma's birthday I hunt for a special card for her. Some years I find the perfect one, like the year I found one with tea cups, while other years I don't have as much luck. This year she's turning 90 so I decided that, instead of buying her a card, I'd make one.

My inspiration came from a birthday card by Linda W. You can check it out here.

This is only my second card (you can see my first here) but I'm pleased with how it turned out. I realize that making a card may seem simple to some but for me, it still requires a lot of thought. I figured there may be others who feel the same and thought I'd share my process. 

Main paper (cut to whatever size you want your card)
Several complimentary papers
Happy birthday stamp
Stamp pad
Sponge brush
Glue stick
Paper cutter and scissors

First I cut my purple paper to the proper size and folded it into half. For all my pieces, I didn't actually measure but used the envelope and other parts of the card as a guide.

Next I made the happy birthday part of my card. I stamped the words on my paper (it took several tries to get it nice) and cut it out. Then I used the sponge brush to apply ink to the edges, which I think gives it a more polished look. 
After that I cut out my other complimentary paper. They start at the bottom on the back and end at different lengths in the front. I played around a little to find thicknesses and lengths I liked and, once I was happy with them, I inked those edges as well.

The last thing I had to cut was a square to go inside the card. I made the square just slightly smaller than the actual card, and cut it from the same paper as the happy birthday stamp. Just like all the other pieces, I inked the edges.

After that I glued all the pieces together, wrote a message on the inside, and left it under a book to press for a couple days. 

Last summer when I went to Newfoundland to visit I brought home a few jars of sour cherry jam (you can see the recipe here). Grandma liked it so much she ate her jar and then mom gave her the jar she had. I went home to Newfoundland last week for Easter so, along with the card, I brought home the few jars of jam I had left (11 pounds worth to be exact) and put them in a bag to be delivered to her.

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