Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Three Women: Art Class Number Two

I was going to call this post "1930s Asian Pilgrims in New York" but thought I might scare you off. That, however, is how I lovingly refer to my painting from my second art class. All those words are ones used by other people to describe my picture. This painting didn't go nearly as smoothly as the first one, but I feel like I learned more from fixing my mistakes than I did from the parts that went well.

I know last time I said I'd take pictures during the process but I didn't. I just get so into my painting that I forget. Sorry.

We started by doing the background. I chose paint that was various shades of green, thinking it would look nice and earthy. The reality was more of a 1980s neon paint explosion. It was bad. Really bad. So bad I totally painted over it, or at least that was my intention. I switched colours and re-sponged my canvas with colours were much more the feeling I was going for. However if you look closely, especially between the women, you can still see little bits of green which I actually really like.

After the background we moved on to the girls. We had mini lessons in proportions and shading, and then got right to it. I started with the face and neck, moving on to the black hats/hair and lacy, ahem, area below the neck. (As I type that sentence, I'm fearful what searches I may end up appearing on if I word it more accurately. Anyway...) Once that was done it was time for painting the skirts, which was my favourite part. I've discovered I love painting big, sweeping lines.

Then it was on to the details, which I find nerve wracking. I worry that by that point I get to the details I will totally ruin the painting (and all my hard work). I was terrified about making the faces actually look like faces and making the accessories look realistic. Guess what? I messed up. Several time. Fortunately the instructor was able to show me how to cover up my mistakes and I think the details turned out quite well. My favourite is the silver heard necklace.

To finish the painting, I added the black beside the ladies. Then I used a circle stencil and added some blue/green dots around my page. They may look random but were strategically placed to hide some of my errors.

Even though it's unlike anything else I own and uses colours I'm not normally drawn to (or perhaps because of those things) I love my 1930s Asian Pilgrims in New York. So which painting do you prefer: flowers from lesson one or women from lesson two?

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  1. I prefer this the color and everything about it!

  2. Your flowers painting is really pretty, but I really like this one! The blue dots (even though you said were to hide your mistakes) really add something fun to the painting. I am SO impressed! Seriously, I can't paint worth anything.

  3. Ooooh I love this one! I also love that you get so lost in your painting your forget to take pictures! You are one talented lady Al!

  4. I really like this one! It has a definite style to it and such fun textures.

  5. I love them I need to learn how to make them what kind of class are you taking I need to find one thanks for sharing at monday funday have a great day

  6. I like your flowers, but this one really catches my attention. It's my favorite of the two. You are doing great! Looks like a lot of fun.

  7. I so want to take an art class. Love the color and this one has a lighthearted quality to it. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!


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