Sunday, 15 February 2015

Funky Trees: Art Class Number Three

Are you sick of my paintings yet? I hope not because I'm hooked! I've actually done four already but am a little slow in posting them. Just in case you're wondering if I've abandoned all other crafting / DIYing, I haven't. I did a real project last night so I'll share that some time this week. Anyway, a couple weeks ago we painted crazy trees.

First we made our textured background. We used white glue and plaster crack-filler, and spread it around with a pallet knife. Then we had to dry it using a hairdryer because we didn't have enough time to just leave it.

Once the texture was dry, we painted the entire canvas, leaving some gaps sort of where the trees would be. We then added the different texture to the bottom. I feel like it's meant to be water or a reflection of some sort. I chose to use orange, turning to yellow and red, which were very close to the colours in our sample picture.

Next came the trees. We started with the top, which used several similar shades of blues with some greens and purples -  colours opposite on the colour wheel from my background. I love the texture under the paint. Then came the trunks and branches. I was really nervous I would wreck the painting when I added the branches but I think they turned out ok. 

After standing back and looking at my painting (something I need to do more often), I could see some gaps and details that needed to be fixed or tweaked. A few minutes adding more details and it was all finished.

This was definitely the easiest on yet and I think it's the best one of done. With that said (or I guess typed would be more accurate) my painted flowers will always hold a special place in my heart because that was my first and my three ladies is still my favourite. What do you think - do you like this one better?

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  1. I like your crazy trees Al! I think it would be very hard for me to think outside the box like that, but you do a great job!

  2. This one is my favorite of the three. I love, love the colors and how the background looks like an august sunset. So pretty.

  3. Oh this is so cool! I am SO not a painter, but this is beautiful. You're so talented! Thanks for linking up with us at Motivational Monday! I hope you join us again on Sunday at 6pm!

  4. What a cool painting! I'm currently in the process of getting things going to start classes in the summer as an Art Major. Can't wait til I can paint neat things like this.
    Popping over my Inspire Me Tuesday - New Fan too :)


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