Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Runner Tell All: Most Memorable Running Moment

It's time again for the monthly link up from Amanda at The Lady Okie and Becka at Sunshine to the Square Inch. This month the topic is My Most Memorable Running Moment.

I've been thinking about this post for a while and was having a hard time picking just one moment. Maybe it's because I haven't been running for a very long time but I feel like all my races (and some of my training runs) have been memorable. Because of that I decided not to pick one but instead to share with you how I remind myself of my running accomplishments.

Please excuse the poor pictures. It's evening and very difficult to take nice pictures of a hallway when it's dark.

Last year, after running our first 10k at the Calgary Marathon, we received our first medals. I'm not sure why but none of the local runs hand out finishers medals and I'm way too slow to place in the top and earn one. Anyway, because I was so excited that we had medals, I made this medal holder to display them. You can check out the tutorial here if you'd like to make your own.

While trying to decide where to hang my medals I felt like I was hit by a wave of genius, in the form of a way to remember my running successes and to address our long, empty hallway. I spraypainted a picture frame and added one photo from every race J and I have participated in. As we participate in a new race, I add a new photo. Right now we still have two empty spaces (currently filled with brown card stock) but they should be full by the spring, at which point I'll add a new frame.

As I said, this doesn't exactly show my most memorable moment but seeing it daily reminds me of how far I've come and how much farther (pardon the pun) I'd like to go.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

French Chicken - Slow Cooker Freezer Meal

Now that I've been using it for over a month, I'm wondering why I waited so long to buy a slow cooker. Seriously, it's amazing how easy it is to put a couple bags in the freezer on the weekend and pull them out on days when I have meetings and will be late.

One recipe that we've had several times and both enjoy is French Chicken from Over The Big Moon. The only change I make from the original recipe is to use different brand names in order to make it gluten-free/dairy-free and cheaper. 

First I labeled my bags: name, cooking instructions, and date. I make two bags at a time. Then I added all my ingredients, splitting the french dressing equally between the two bags and adding four chicken breasts to each.

I cook it on high for 4 hours and serve it with rice and frozen veggies. I do have to prepare the rice when I get home but if I put it on when I come through the door, it's ready by the time I've changed and put my school stuff away.

I thought about doing one of those "800 slow cooker meals in 40 minutes" posts (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration) but I don't want to share it if J and I don't enjoy it. That means one recipe at a time. We've had a couple meals that we won't make again (and one we couldn't even eat the first time) but I'll save those for another post. 

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