Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cleaning Oven Racks: Dish Soap and Fabric Softener Sheets

Last night was the first night of Christmas holidays and I celebrated by cleaning my oven. Yes, I live on the wild side. It might seem weird but whenever I have a break from school, the first thing I want to do is scrub my house top to bottom. Nothing makes me quite as relaxed as a clean house.

Anyway, most of the time I clean my oven with a baking powder paste but this time it was so bad that I went for the nasty cleaner. Several chemical burns and a headache later and my oven was sparkling. However, that is not the point. On to the real reason for this post: the oven racks.

After a few hours I could see some grease floating on the surface.

I hate cleaning oven racks. In my mind, they're way more annoying to clean than the actual oven. Instead of my usual scrubbing, I went to Pinterest to see if I could find a new idea. A lot of sites recommended 1/2 c blue dawn, 6 fabric softener sheets, and hot water. I put the ingredients in the bathtub and placed the racks in the water, with a cloth under each corner of the rack to protect that tub finish.

The oven with the clean, shiny racks.
They're not perfect but they're a whole lot better than they were.

I was pretty skeptical. Three episodes of Grey's Anatomy later (I am on holidays after all) and the grime was not easily coming off. True, the posts I read all said extended periods (8 hours to overnight) but I'm impatient and wanted to finish the racks before bed. I decided to suck it up and leave the racks in the tub overnight, and it was worth it. When I got up I wiped over the grime with one of the fabric softener sheets. Most of it wiped off and, while it isn't perfect, it's a whole lot better. Now I have lovely shiny racks for my sparkly clean oven.

A close up of the racks. As you can see, there's still some dirt
but for the little amount of scrubbing I did, I'm pleased.

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  1. Interesting idea. So do you keep foil pans on the floor of your oven? I never use the self cleaning feature of my oven because it gets to a horridly high temperature. Kinda scares me. I'll try this. Thanks.


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