Monday, 1 September 2014

Need Wifi Guest Room Sign

I've been slowly puttering away at the guest room and one simple project I made is this need wifi? picture. I've seen lots of wifi password pictures and printable online but none were exactly what I wanted so I decided to create my own. 

This project came together quite quickly using PicMonkey. It's nothing fancy but I've put it below without a watermark. Feel free to save it to your own computer for personal use or leave a comment and I'll email you the document. 

I printed it at Costco (along with several extra blanks that I put in the back of the frame) and wrote our information on it with a Sharpie.

When J saw this his reaction was "We're not a hotel. Why do we need this? Why don't they just ask us?". I guess we really don't need it. But I like it, it's cute, and it goes with the room. So it stays.


  1. I love this! When my teenage nieces and nephews came to visit (with their parents) recently I had the password written on a notepad on the kitchen counter. When they arrived I told them I had a surprise on the counter for them. Being a food blogger I think they thought I had baked them something. the next thing I heard was cheering and comments such as "At LAST" and "We are actually in civilization again!" (their grandparents don't have it) and then a chorus of "Thank you Aunt Audrey"

    Yours is much prettier and your guests will appreciate it.

  2. hubby would say the same thing, but I like it :-) I'm sure your guests will appreciate it too.


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