Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fridge Shelf Liners - A Pinterest Unsuccess

I don't want to call this a Pinterest fail because it really wasn't a fail, it just wasn't something that worked for me. This idea is all over Pinterest but I'm not going to link to any posts because, seeing as I don't like it, linking seems rude.

I hate cleaning my fridge almost as much as I hate having a dirty fridge. I especially hate the little milk crusty bits that always seem to end up on one of my shelves. When I saw the idea to cover my shelfs in Press and Seal I thought it was brilliant - I could remove the piece when it was dirty without having to clean the shelf.

Crusty Milk Bits

My first mistake occurred when putting my Press and Seal on the shelves. I ran it over the edges which looks nice but meant it wasn't easy to remove or replace.

My second mistake was thinking I'd actually change the Press and Seal. It turns out I'm just as lazy about changing it as I am about cleaning the shelves.


My third mistake was thinking the Press and Seal was durable enough to survive my house. The first time I scraped a bowl on the Press and Seal, it ripped. That kind of defeats the purpose.

So what happened? The Press and Seal sat there, no cleaner or nicer looking than a dirty shelf, for months until I finally got around to taking it off. Like I said, while I like the idea behind this pin it sure didn't work for me.

A pic from when I thought there'd be a tutorial.
Yes, our fridge is typically this empty. 


  1. Ha ha you sound just like me...I hate cleaning the fridge and honestly, I would probably just let the press n seal sit there too. Thanks for sharing at our party! XO

  2. I'm glad to see you try one of those pinterest "life hacks" and give your honest opinion on it! Thanks for sharing at the Link Party

  3. I'm glad you shared this!! I always thought this was a brilliant idea, but I'm glad to know that it doesn't work so well. :-)

  4. I actually haven't seen this idea before, but yeah it doesn't sound all that brilliant. I think I would be just as lazy about changing out the Press and Seal than I am about cleaning my shelves, just like you :)

  5. I have wondered about this. I HATE cleaning the fridge, and like to think up new and inventive ways to avoid it. You'll have to let me know if you work it out.

    Sarah @ Backwoods Babies

  6. I actually haven't seen this but I don't think it would work so well for me either. I don't like the idea that it's covered with something that looks obvious and filmy. I hate cleaning the fridge too. It's like everything sticks to that white plastic. Someone should make some inexpensive plastic molds that you can just slip in and remove.

  7. I have not seen this one of PINTEREST but I have seen where they use the vinyl placemats. I thought I would give that a try cause like the fridge is not the thing I like to do.

  8. I've been using vinyl placemats for over a year. They work great. It's easy to just pull them out and rinse them off.

  9. I'm curious; I have used Glad Press&Seal now for several years and love it. Why do you feel it didn't work for you in the refrigerator? I admit the same as you, hate to see the fridge dirty but hate to clean it. My problem is being able to get down and clean the lower areas physically. It needs cleaning now and I'm hoping to get "to it" next week. This week has been a full week on the calendar. I started out before 6 am and am just stopping and waiting for the next load of laundry to come out of the dryer so they can be folded, Opps! there goes the dryer buzzer now.."A woman's work is never done!"


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