Saturday, 27 September 2014

Colour Burst Art

I've been spending some more time working on my guest room and finished another small, simple painting.

I started by drawing lines from a point to the edges of my paper, spacing them based on what I found to look good.

I then painted the lines using the same colours and my herringbone art.

Once it was dry I put it in an Ikea mat and frame, and then found it a home on the nightstand.

Unfortunately after this piece I lost my art-mojo. I've started and abandoned several additional pieces and have decided to leave painting for a while and move on to other projects.

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  1. What a great idea. I love it. I can never come up with these types of crafts that are easy yet have kind of a wonderful impact.

    Sarah @ Backwoods Babies

  2. Looks great :) I hear you on loosing your mojo for one craft media and starting another for a bit, happens to me all the time. When you are ready, inspiration will strike!

  3. Love this. It's so simple yet so cute! I love it for my stepdaughters room!
    Thanks for linking up at Merry Mondays!


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