Sunday, 24 August 2014

Earring Makeover: From One to Three

J and I spent 10 days at the beginning of the month visiting my family in Newfoundland. While we were there, my mom asked if I could fix some earrings for her. She has a beautiful pearl necklace that came with these matching earrings but felt that, all together, it looked too busy. When I saw the pieces together I totally understood what she meant.  

After: three pairs that suit my mom

For these earrings I decided to make each pair slightly different and to reuse as much of the originals as possible. Please excuse the horrible photos but I worked on these during the evening so the light was awful.

Before: pretty but not something my mom would wear

For the first pair I cut each pearl off the chain and then added a new hook to the already-existing loop.

For the second pair I completely removed each pearl from the settings. I used a headpin to make a new loop and then added it to a new hook.

For the final pair I eliminated the middle. I cut the chain off each stem and off each pearl and then reattached the stem to the already-existing loop.

While I realize this is not a tutorial, I think it's important that we remind ourselves of the possibilities. I was able to take one pair of earrings that weren't being worn and make them into three pairs, all of which will get multiple wears. It's amazing what we can sometimes do with things we already have.

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