Friday, 16 May 2014

Painted Vases and Paper Lollies: Take 2

Every year during Education Week my school has a come and go tea. It's such a great afternoon and the students put so much effort into it - baking sweets, plating them nicely, serving our guests, and cleaning the tables.

I apologize that the photos aren't great but they were taken with my phone before being put out on the table. 

Last year a few students and I made painted vases and paper lollies to use as our centrepieces. Rather than start from scratch this year, I decided to make some more to replenish the stock. I bought a few more vases, glasses, and salt and pepper shakers to paint. For a detailed tutorial on how I painted the vases, see my post from last year.

I then had a student help make the lollies. By help, I mean she did about 80% of the work. I really can't take the credit. I trimmed some styrofoam to fit in the bottom of our larger vases, placed the lollies in the vases, and covered the styrofoam with purple shredded paper.

2013 centerpieces


  1. I am a bit of an all things paper junkie so your 'lollies' are just adorable. Really cute and great for me as I tend to kill indoor plants! :) Visiting via "SerenitySaturday" linkup

  2. Those are adorable! What a cute idea!

  3. Very cute and creative ~ love the bright colors!

  4. Oh I love your painted vases, such pretty colors too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me


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