Sunday, 20 April 2014

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Oh hello there. Remember me? I know, it has been quite a while. Honestly I’ve been completely worn out for the last little while and haven’t had it in me to create, let alone blog. I also haven’t had it in me to do any extra cleaning in my house which means it is a disaster and which brings me to my project – my spring cleaning checklist.

 Every spring I like to clean my entire house from top to bottom. Please keep in mind that I don’t have kids in my house who need my time and attention so I can allow myself to be a little (or a lot) neurotic about cleaning. I have the next week off for Easter break so, after spending the last couple days relaxing with J and the dog, my plan is to complete all my cleaning so I can enjoy a clean house and the harmony that comes with it.

Because I like to cross things off and feel a sense of accomplishment I’ve created detailed room by room lists that I can use throughout my process. I made them in Microsoft Word and, while they’re nothing fancy, I think they’ll help me feel a sense of accomplishment. 

And just in case you're not looking forward to spring cleaning…

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