Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Organizing My Pinterest Boards

I have spent way to much time sitting today – so much that my butt hurts and I had to switch to the other side of the couch. The reason for this is that I’m organizing my Pinterest boards, which is quite the task.

It all started a few weeks ago when looking for a recipe I knew I’d pinned but couldn’t find. Where was it? Why wasn’t it where I thought it would be? I eventually found it but I couldn’t help thinking that the time spent looks could have been better spent doing something productive, like pinning more recipes. This led me to decide to tackle a major overhaul of my Pinterest boards.

Today seemed like a good day to start. It’s minus a million degrees outside (I love winter but this is getting ridiculous)  and I’m exhausted so I’ve given myself a pj day in front of the tv to work on this.* I realize those of you who have kids to care for and never get a full day on the couch probably hate me now. Sorry.

Here are the steps I’ve been taking to organize my pins. If you stop over to my Pinterest account you’ll notice that it’s still very much a work in progress.

Step 1: name boards, the more specific the better

I started with my recipe section because that was where my frustration began. I created a variety of boards with specific names – recipes chicken and turkey, recipes vegetarian mains, recipes beverages, etc. – so that I would know exactly where to look for specific pins.

Step 2 – sort pins onto the appropriate boards

I went through my several recipe boards and sorted each pin where it best fit. This also made me realize several useful boards that were missing so I added them as I went.

Step 3 – check links, both for whether they work and whether they’re still appealing

One board at a time, I went through the pins and made sure the links worked. If it was something that no longer appealed to me, it got deleted. Also, if it was a dud, it got deleted. There were a few that didn’t work but that were self-explanatory so I chose to keep a few that didn’t link but that could still be useful.

Step 4 – ensure descriptions are actually descriptive

Once a link had made the cut, I made sure the description was actually descriptive. I made sure it explained what the link was for but didn’t include too much information. I also took out all the “I love this” and “This is awesome” that other people had written.

* Don’t worry, it’s the weekend so I’m not skipping work to do this, although I probably won’t post this until during the week.

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  1. Hi Allison,
    I was just thinking something similar the other day. Abotu 6 months ago I made some changes to my pinterest boards, and now I think I need to to do it again, I just keep putting it off. Your suggestions about testing the links and making sure the descriptions are accurate and adequate are ones I'll follow when I get around to doing this. I wish you luck!
    Hope the weather starts warming up for you.

  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing how you did it step-by-step. That had to have been a very time-consuming task, but useful in the long run. Makes me think I better tackle this job sooner rather than later before I get to many more pins!

  3. I try to do this every so often, but I still find myself with 200+ pins on some boards! I think I'm going to have to get even more narrow soon. At least they added the "search my pins only" feature, which has definitely helped me a ton. Thanks for sharing…it reminded me that I'm due to weed through my pins again!

  4. Great idea! I tried to do this a little while ago and I got pretty far but still haven't finished... it's overwhelming with thousands of pins, but now you have me wanting to go back to do it!

  5. Just started at pinterest and your hints will make it easier to keep things sorted. I found your blog at Monday funday linky party. I have a travel blog, and would love it if you stopped ny and see my post on packing.


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