Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Arm Knitting - Pinterest Fail

I’ve been pretty slack on crafting lately but I had a little extra free time tonight and thought it’d be fun to try a quick project. I browsed my Pinterest boards and noticed I’d pinned several tutorials for arm knitting so that’s what I chose to do.

I dug out some wool that I’d been planning to use to knit a scarf and started following one of the tutorials. I’m not sharing the link because I think that’d be bad form.

Here's the partially finished scarf wrapped around my neck.
Please ignore how it clashes with my sloppy t shirt.
It was pretty simple and quick to do, and after about 10 minutes I had a pretty long scarf hanging off my arm. The only problem was that it looked horrible. I thought that possibly by wrapping it around my neck it would look better but it turns out I was wrong. Then I thought maybe I didn't like it when I wrapped it around my neck because it wasn't full enough. I wrapped it around my arm three times to see if it'd look better. Nope. Still ugly.

That mess is supposed to be a scarf. Gross.
Instead of trying to problem solve I just pulled it apart and called it a fail because, really, I’d only spent 10 minutes and wasn’t invested in the project.  I still think arm knitting has the potential to be cute. I’m guessing that if I used thicker wool, doubled it up, or made the knitting tighter, it would have worked out better.

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  1. This is hilarious! And proof that just because something's on pinterest doesn't mean it actually works lol. I clicked over from The Makers link party: http://www.tinysidekick.com/makers-link-party-2/

  2. Hi there! Now following after finding you via Social Scatter. Would love if you would follow back!

  3. Hi there, I saw this at a creative princess and I was wondering about the are knitting. I look frustrating to me! TFS about that and I like that you were honest in sharing about it. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  4. Hello, thank you for showing your failure. Sometimes I am really intrigued how people get their crafts so perfect, but behind every success there's bound to be hiccups (tears and all!). It's just no one shows them. Kudos to you for sharing :-) Following you via Google+

  5. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I've had my fair share of Pinterest fails, but I've found we learn more from our failures than successes. Thank you for sharing AI.

  6. I did arm knitting too and the secret to making it look great is to use double strands and to use super chunky yarn. I don't buy two skeins though. I buy one fat one and find the end that is stuffed inside the middle of the skein as my "second" strand. Saves money especially if you aren't sure that it will work! i wouldn't give up though because once you get on the right track with it, you will be addicted. Ask me how many arm knitted scarves I have now…..and my girls love it too.

    Hope you give it a second try and have a great weekend!


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