Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Sunshine Village

Merry Christmas from Sunshine Village!

Yes, I realize it's actually the 27th but better late than never, right? Besides, I didn't want to post vacation pictures while we were away because that just seems like asking for trouble.

J and I decided to "skip Christmas" this year. We didn't decorate, cook a big meal, bake lots of treats, or buy presents for each other but instead we spent Christmas Eve through Boxing Day at Sunshine in Banff National Park. To get to the hill we had to drive a little way up the mountain and then take a gondola another 20 minutes higher.

The view from our balcony.

The hotel where we stayed.

Looking down from the hotel at Sunshine Village.

Christmas Eve we arrived too late to ski so we explored the village and spent the evening tobogganing and watching the torchlight parade  Christmas Day J spent the entire day skiing while I took snowboarding lessons for the first time ever. I wasn't good enough for the big hill so J took the camera up and snapped some pictures.

I was horrible at snowboarding and spent more time in the snow than on my feet but it was so much fun I want to go again! 

Christmas night we went snowshoeing around the hills. The snow was falling, we had headlamps, and is was absolutely magnificent. Boxing Day I was hurting (snowboarding introduced me to muscles I'd never met before) so J spent the morning back on the hill while I relaxed around the village. When he'd had enough we came back home, tired and sore but also relaxed and refreshed from a fantastic holiday.

One last photo of the mountain,
taken from the gondola on the way down the hill.

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  1. Hi, your post caught my eye over at the Bouquet of Talent party. We did the same as you and skipped a traditional Christmas this year and spent ours at Silver Star Ski Resort in BC (we're also from Alberta). Isn't it a majestic way to spend the holidays!

  2. We stayed home and had a quiet, relaxing Christmas. It's been over 10 years since we skied, and your photos make me wish for another trip to the snow covered mountains.


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