Thursday, 12 December 2013

Book Club and Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Snacks

I know it has been awhile. No excuses. It is what it is. Thanks for sticking with me.

A couple weeks ago it was my turn to host book club, for our meeting about The Thirteenth Tale. When I offered my house for this round, I didn’t realize I would be eating gluten and dairy free by the time the meeting came around. It definitely made snacks a little tricky but I tried my best.

First I made this lovely banana bread with carob chips. It looked good, smelled good, tasted good, but was really grainy. I’ve decided almond flour is not my favourite. While I’ve been enjoying it, I don’t think the recipe is worth sharing.

Next I made a delightful zucchini loaf. Again, it looked good, smelled good, and tasted good, but was incredibly crumbly, even after I added extra guar gum. Also not a recipe worth sharing.

For my final baking project I made a modified version of my chocolate chip, oatmeal, pomegranate cookies. These turned out really well except for one small problem: once they thawed out, they turned mushy. The solution, I quickly discovered, was to eat them frozen. They were delicious and the leftovers didn’t last long but, as with the above recipes, it’s not share-worthy… yet. I’m hoping to be able to tweak this one a bit more.

I had been told that gluten free baking was tricky but I didn’t expect it too be as difficult as it was. I guess I need more practice. Along with my attempts at baking I had some chips, veggies and dip (tofu sour cream and gf/df ranch dressing mix), and gf/df brownies, plus lots of wine so no one went hungry.

My mixed feelings about the baking are similar to my mixed feelings about the book. I loved the way the author wrote and really enjoyed the book while I was reading it. However in reflecting on it there were a lot of things that annoyed me, and even more things came up during our discussion. With that said, I’d say it was worth reading and I’d like to check out more books by the same author.

P.S. If you came here looking for a recipe, sorry to disappoint. I have found one gluten-free, dairy-free snack recipe that I'm loving right now and I promise I'll post about it soon.

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