Friday, 15 November 2013

Snowflake Bulletin Board

Just like I’ve been slack on blogging lately, I’ve also been slack on changing the bulletin board in the common area of my school. In fact, I skipped Halloween and Remembrance Day altogether and jumped right from my back to school different fish bulletin board to this snowflake one.

The inspiration for this bulletin board came from Pinterest, of course. I took little bits and pieces from several different pictures. I’m not sure why but most of the bulletin boards I pin link to photos and not blog posts, so I have no links to give credit.

To start I left up the blue background and white boarder. I then used a Cricut to cut out the words “We are like snowflakes; each unique and special”.

I had planned on having the students help make snowflakes but started them myself and, finding them very therapeutic and so did them all myself.

I think this bulletin board is perfect for filling the gap between Remembrance Day and Christmas, and love the simplicity of it. I expect I’ll continue to use it for years to come, although I may make new snowflakes every year.

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  1. Looks SO good, would love it if I walked into my kids classroom and seen this:o) Have a great weekend!


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