Friday, 13 September 2013

Glasses Chains

Sheena, sporting her silver glasses chain. Love this girl to pieces.

A little while ago my friend Sheena (the same one for whom I made my first card) texted me and asked if I could make a chain for her glasses. After getting over my shock - I didn't realize people still wore them - I decided to look online and see what I could find. While I couldn't find tutorials, I found lots of images and was able to come up with my own.

When I asked what she pictured she said black and gold, which left me lots of room to play. I came up with this combination. Evenly spaced in between gold chain I place a large black bead on a head pin with a loop on each end to connect it to the chain, alternated with two black beads around a gold bead also attached the same way.

Sheena, looking sophisticated with her black and gold chain.
I also figured I'd make her a silver one for days she wasn't feeling the gold. The colours in these pictures aren't really accurate, with the colours being much more vibrant on the computer than in real life, but you get the idea. For this one I alternated blue and coral beads, each on a headpin with a circle on each end, and with a small jump ring in between.

Sheena was kind enough to text me some pictures of her wearing her glasses chains, as you've already seen in this post. I could help but notice something about this one...

Do you see it?


She's wearing one of my bird's nest pendants! The tutorial is here and they are my best selling items on Etsy. I gave her one as a present a while ago and it totally made my day to see the picture of her wearing it.

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