Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fall Decorating

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I’ve had my fall decorations out since the first week of September. It’s still really hot here but I love the season and once I go back to school I feel like it’s fall.


To start, I got out the Fall Leaves painting I made last year. Looking at it I realized I still love the idea but didn’t love the colours I had used. I went and picked a few leaves and redid it using a more fall-ish colour palette. Rather than redo the instructions, you can check them out here.

While I was scavenging leaves (think 7am on a Saturday at a local park) I also picked up a bunch of pinecones. I wanted them to work with my fall décor but not look too decorated. I used the same paint colours as the above painting, plus a few extra, and sponged colour onto one side of each pinecone. I placed them on tinfoil to dry and, when they were ready, I mixed them with some unpainted pinecones and put the in a glass vase.

The only thing missing is a few gourds and pumpkins. Last year they were the main focus of my decorating so I picked up a few fake pumpkins on clearance at the end of the season. Right now they're sitting on the living room dresser but I'm not happy with them so don't want to share them yet. Honestly, I'm not feeling inspired by them so I may put them away until next year and just buy a few real ones. 


  1. I love the pinecones with the little dabble of paint on them....such a cool idea!

  2. I really like the colors of the leaves from last year that you made. I don't know if I could get motivated to decorate if temps here were super warm. I wanted to old on to summer as long as possible!

  3. Cute idea to add some color to the pinecones. Love that it's minimal with a great effect. Thanks for linking up at It's Fall Y'all link.
    Keikilani - www.allmygoodthings.com

  4. Love the paint on the pine cones. So pretty! Thanks for linking at my Pin Me Party!


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