Thursday, 11 July 2013

Painting (and Abandoning) My Patio Furniture

Do you ever have projects that you start and decide, midway, that’s it’s best to just abandon ship and call it done? That’s me with this project. It was on my to-do list, seeing as my July space was the outside of my house, but it's never getting done.

Here’s the story to this table. When I first moved to Southern Alberta, I didn’t have a kitchen table. I did without one for several months, not wanting to buy until I found what I wanted. Around November (yes, I moved in July and went without for several months) a friend lent me this one to use until I found something better. It isn’t really my style but it was better than nothing. J and I ate our first Christmas dinner together at this table. Finally in February of that year I bought a real table and tried to give this back to the friend. She didn’t want it, so I used it out on my deck. She moved away several years ago and still didn’t want it back so out on the deck it remained.

Fast forward to year 6 of living in this community, and we’re still using this table as our patio furniture. It’s still not my style and we rarely use it. I decided that, like everything, it could be made better by spray paint. I started painting one chair while J was taking the table apart and all of a sudden, it hit me. Stop. Hold everything. Don’t spray another inch. It doesn’t matter how much I spray it, I’m still not going to be happy with it. Then I realized this was my chance to get new patio furniture. I told J the dilemma (that I still wasn't happy with it) and he saw that as his way to get out of taking the table apart. Done. I’m heading to a big city in a few days (I’ll probably be there when you read this) and I’m going to look for some new furniture.

In the meantime, I left it as it was. I didn’t even finish spraying the chair. This is how it will remain until I can find something to replace it. I’ve abandoned ship.

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  1. WELL DONE! There is no shame in dropping a project that just isn't working! Why spend the time and money on fixing something that you are still gong to hate??

  2. Hello Allison! Sometimes that's just what you have to do. Rather than waste more time, energy and money (that sparay paint ain't cheap). Haha! I came across your link on HouseHoneys' Bloglovin' Blog Hop. I'm following you via Bloglovin'. Please follow me back. Have a nice day!


  3. Thanks so much for stopping by!! And thanks for your words of encouragement as I continue my weight loss journey!!

    Now I don't know if this would be your style or not but that is a nice smaller round table that I would buy a great tablecloth and topper for and cover it up and use it inside the house.....

    And I love the chairs actually. if I lived closer, I would take it off your hands!! LOL!


  4. I'm cracking up because I have done exactly that! And while I think the table and chairs are cute, they're not really my style either so I would have abandoned them as well. You gotta love what you have or it just doesn't work no matter what you do or how you try to alter it. Go for the new furniture that you will LOVE!

  5. If you don't love it, then someone else will. Sell it to help with the cost of new.

  6. Hi Alison!
    I have roughly the same table and chairs, found in my house when we bought it 8 years ago... they're white and rust, and I planned to paint them in mica color... but, by now, I've only planned too, never started!
    I'm visiting you from the Pinterest Power Party, that I'm cohosting, and I'm now following you (on Pinterest, obviously!)
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  7. We all have those types of projects!

  8. Oh I've dropped things mid-cycle so many times. I still haven't finished painting the trim in my bedroom and I started it 6 months ago! It'll happen, just waiting to feel inspired to finish it!

    What colour red is that? I love it!


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