Thursday, 6 June 2013

May Space: The Hallway, Linen Closet, and Hope Chest

5 months in and I haven’t given up on my resolution. So far I’ve completed the entrance and living room, kitchen and eating area, office/craft room (this one took two months) and, for the month of May, the hallway, linen closet, and hope chest.

The hallway. Exciting, right?

Part 1: Purge and Organize
There is nothing in the actual hallway to purge so I started with the linen closet. The top shelf holds our spare pillows, the next shelf holds our hand towels, bath mats, and my hair towels, and the bottom shelf holds our beach and bath towels. You can see the baskets I installed to hold facecloths, and on the floor we keep our carpet cleaner, Swiffer, and vacuum. All I got rid of from the linen closet was a few face cloths.

Next I went through the bedding. Each bed has two sets of summer sheets and two sets of winter sheets. The sheets are stored in tubs under the appropriate beds. This makes it easy to find the sheets when I need them and they’re stored nicely and out of the way. I don't worry about folding them neatly or packing them in just so because, in my mind, who cares if bed sheets are wrinkles. There was nothing to get rid of from these tubs.

The left is the linen closet.
The right top is D's bedding and the bottom right is our bedding.

Last but not least I went through the hope chest which currently lives in the basement. This has been a catch-all for the random linens and most of them have been donated. Instead, it now holds the bedding for the spare bed (which lives propped up in the basement) and all our extra blankets. There's also a tub on top of the chest that holds our duvet during the summer months.

Part 2: Insurance Documentation
I took pictures of everything and wrote down the few serial numbers in our insurance binder. Instead of putting all these things into one section, I actually split them up. The hallway, linen closet, and hope chest are together and the tubs are going to be printed with the rooms in which they are stored.

Mama made this cross stitch for me during my last year of high school (2001).
It hangs in the hallway and is one of my favourite belongings.
Part 3: Taking Stock of What's Still Needed

So there are a couple things left to do with this space. The most obvious is the need for some wall art. The space is leaving me uninspired but I’m sure I’ll come up with something eventually. Other than that, it just needs some paint and it’ll be finished.

What's Next?
June, June, June… a busy month for a teacher, that’s for sure. My plan for June is still undecided. On one hand I want to ignore the inside of my house and tackle the outside, both front and back. That way I’ll still feel like I’m being productive but also get to slack off a little bit and enjoy some sun. On the other hand, my closet it completely overwhelming right now. It has so much clothes in it that are too big, too small, too uncomfortable, and just plain ugly. I  need to haul everything out, patch some holes, paint it white, and purge everything. Check back at the end of the month to see which I've chosen and how I've done.

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