Saturday, 4 May 2013

April Space: The Kitchen

In keeping with my resolution, this month I tackled the kitchen/eating area. I know it was originally my space for February but it got put on the back burner (haha... get it... kitchen...) for a while. In my mind, my kitchen has three distinct areas - the eating area, the kitchen, and the pantry - so that's how I split it up. Sorry but there aren't a lot of pictures. I didn't think anyone wanted to see inside my cupboards.

Part 1: Purge and Organize

This part was pretty easy.  There wasn’t anything to get rid of or organize on the eating side. We use that side door as our main entrance (even though we have a beautiful entrance with a closet) so we keep my ridiculously easy boot tray and another shoe rack by the door. The dirty towel is to wipe the dogs and their leashes by the door too. The only thing missing is our jackets, which are normally on the backs of our chairs. I made the lined curtains to match the living room, and my mom made the runner out of scraps.

The eating area, as seen from the kitchen.
You can see where it joins up with the carpet of the living room on the left.

Again, on the kitchen side there wasn’t anything to get rid of.  When we got married (July 2012) we got a lot of kitchen appliances as shower and wedding gifts. As I was putting them away, I cleaned out our cupboards. I hate the curtain over the window (I’d rather have nothing there) but I made them to keep J happy. You can see the weekly organization center and the calendars that we use to keep track of our week and my bulletin board in the cupboard

The pantry didn’t need much work either, as I’ve kept it organized since I originally posted about it. I did, however, redo the shelves to make them less annoying.

The kitchen, as seen from the eating area. 

Part 2: Insurance Documentation

To be honest, this still isn't done. I've got the photos printed and put in my insurance binder but I'm still trying to get J to write down the serial numbers.

Part 3: Taking Stock of What’s Still Needed

I’m very pleased with how little is left to do in the kitchen and eating area. I need to come up with a system to handle our coats and accessories that works better than the back of the chairs. I’d love to hear any suggestions. I also need to do something to deal with the paper on the fridge. That wasn't a problem until D moved in but now it drives me crazy. Other than that, it needs a paint job and it’ll be finished.

What’s Next?

I know May will be a crazy month (not that June will be any better) but I still want to work on a space. Because of that I'm going to work on a couple very little spaces. I'm going to tackle my hallway which includes my linen closet. Because I'll be working on linens, I'm also going to deal with some linens that are in a chest in the basement. Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! I love your idea of focusing on one space per month! I am always floating all over the place... I think I should try your approach!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  2. I'm with Krista...I love your idea of focusing on one space per month. Do-able. I think even for me. I think...I'll do-able it. (= Seriously.

    What to do with the entry clutter you mention...hard to tell exactly how much space is there, but maybe maybe there's enough space for a very shallow antique wardrobe? I'm always looking for excuses for wardrobes. Cool furniture. Or at the very least, there's so many cute shelf/hook ideas floating around on blogs and pinterest....Lynaea @

  3. I have a similar schedule however I concentrate on one room a week. Thanks for sharing at Fluster's Creative Muster Party!

    Fluster Buster

  4. Good luck with your linen closet! It must feel so good to get each space done! Angie xo


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