Saturday, 6 April 2013

February & March Space: Office / Craft Room ( Sort-of Reveal)

I know that, based on my New Year’s Resolution plan, I should have gone through my kitchen in February and my hallway/linen closet in March. That plan went out the window for the past two months as I devoted my time to making M’s room into my office / craft room. You’ve seen bits and pieces as I’ve been working on it but decided to give you the room reveal in combination with my New Year’s Resolution check in.

I had planned to post this at the start of the month and had it almost ready, just needing some final editing. My intention was to edit it before leaving for Easter Break, which I spent in Newfoundland with my amazing nephew, but didn't quite get around to it and there was no way I was giving up time with my nephew to blog. A week late is better than never, right?

Step 1: Purge and Organize

Before M left, we went through her room and she showed me exactly what she wanted put in her room in the basement when we finally get it built. The rest was donated or thrown out. As I moved my things in I was very diligent about keeping only what I wanted/needed and getting rid of the rest. In total I had about 6 bags of donations and at least as many bags of garbage.

The first thing I did was empty out the room and paint it. In case you missed it, I posted about painting the closet and painting the room.

The view from the door.

As with all my spaces, storage was key for me. I redid this desk and it allows me to keep all my school supplies in one place. The drawers contain everything from pens and pencils to gift bags and cards. It’s also long enough that I can store my easy filing system underneath and still have room for my new chair from Ikea.

The desk area, taken standing by the craft shelf.

My degrees have been sitting in a tub in the basement so it’s nice to have them hanging on the wall. I plan on making some artwork to go beside them at some point in the future.

The reading area and unfinished projects.

This chair used to belong to my pop (my dad’s dad). He passed away before I was born but apparently I called dibs on it when I was a little kid. It’s really big and makes the perfect comfy place to curl up with a good book. 

The pile on the floor is actually current projects. I started sorting them and realized I have quite a few on the go. The plan is to finish them up before I start anything else.

The craft supply shelf, taken standing by the desk and window.

I bought this metal shelf to organize all my craft supplies, including my organized stickers. As you can tell, I love using scrapbook paper containers for most of my storage. I think the containers look neat and tidy but still allow me to see what's inside, plus they stack well.

The closet, which still needs a lot of work.

Last but not least is the closet, which still needs some attention. I placed two bookshelves inside, which I thought would be plenty of space for all my books, photo albums/scrapbooks, and belongings from my former classroom that haven't made it to my new school. I was wrong. It is way too crammed and, even though I purged, I need to go through it again.

Step 2: Insurance Documentation

I documented the space for my insurance binder. When taking photos for this post, I was sure to take pictures of everything. There were only a couple serial numbers to write down so that part was pretty easy for this room. 

Part 3: Taking Stock of What's Still Needed

There are still quite a few things to do in this room. I’ve got the basics covered so now I can take my time and focus on the details. I need artwork to go over the desk and above the chair. I also need a couple shelves to go above the reading area. I plan to add pillows and a lap quilt to go on the chair, and a small table to go beside it. I’d also like to eventually find fabric and make some new curtains but there’s not rush for that.

What's Next?

Next month I'm going to tackle the kitchen / eating area. Yes, I know I should have finished this already but better late then never. Check back the end of April to find out how I've done.

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  1. Wow! You are making a lot of progress! I love those metal shelves and could use a few of them myself! I'm envious of your trip to Newfoundland. How awesome!

  2. I love it Al! The colour on the walls is fantastic! You are so lucky to have a whole room to yourself! I wish I had an office/hobby room. I can't wait to see you accessorize it! But everything looks so neat and organized! Great job! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo


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