Thursday, 7 February 2013

January's Space: Entrance and Living Room

I did it! I successfully kept my resolution for January and have gone through all the belongings in my entrance and living room. Sorry that I'm a little late posting about it.

Part 1: Purge and Organize

To start, I put a garbage bag for donations in my hallway as well as a storage tub. The point of this tub is to hold things that don't have a place where they belong until I can find somewhere that would work. At the end of the month there is nothing in the tub and three bags to donate. I should clarify that about half of a bag is actually stuff from the entrance and living room. M got inspired and cleaned out her room, which added a lot to the donation pile.

In the entrance I went through the clothes, shoes, and accessories and weeded a few out. I had posted about my entrance a while ago and not much has changed. If you'd like to see the tutorials, here's one for the bench and one for the artwork.

In my living room the key is storage. At the top of my stairs I have a dresser that I refinished that holds all my CDs, DVDs, and non-seasonal decor items. I was able to add a lot of music to my computer and get rid of a lot of CDs. This dresser is also what I decorate each season as my fake mantle. If you'd like to see more, here's the printable and here's the snowflake.

The computer desk is J's domain; I don't touch it except to get my filing system out. I also don't use the TV stand or ottomans. They are excellent storage that hold J's CDs and DVDs. I did take out my filing tub and make sure everything was up to date and organized. If you'd like to see how they were made, here's the curtain tutorial.

Last but not least I tackled my computer. I backed up all my school files and my photos onto thumbdrives, and made sure all my files were where they needed to be. This was by far the biggest and most overwhelming task but now that it's done, I just have to maintain it. If you'd like to see more, click here for the pillows and here for the fabric covered balls. I'll get you a tutorial on the artwork soon. On a side note, do you like how there are two dog beds but, if you look closely, you can see both dogs on the floor?

Part 2: Insurance Documentation

I took pictures of everything. That part was easy. The harder part, writing down all the serial numbers, I left up to J. I gave him a chart that said "item and description" on one side and "serial number" on the other and he filled it in with any serial numbers from the room. I'm making a binder and will share it with you once it's something I'm happy with.

Part 3: Taking Stock of What's Still Needed

So what's left to do in this room? Thankfully, not much. Given that this is the room both J and I spend the most time in, it's the one that has received the most effort and attention. Looking around, I'm actually quite proud of the things I've made to make this room feel like home. The few things that are still on the list are a new computer desk for J (one that matches our furniture and that he can put his legs under), some new artwork for either side of the wedding photos, a mounted baby gate at the top of the stairs, new coasters (I'm putting those off), and a paint job.

What's Next?

Next month I'm going to tackle the kitchen / eating area. I feel like this is another easy space because I cleaned it out fairly well before we got all our wedding presents. Easy or not, it'll feel good once it's done. Check back the end of February to find out how I've done.

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  1. Wow! YOu did a lot! I so need to jump on the organizing bandwagon and you've inspired me to start! I don't often think of my computer as an organizing task, but you are so right! Maybe I'll start there! Everything you did looks lovely!

  2. Awesome tips on organization! I agree with Danni - I never think about organizing my computer files - they are a mess.

  3. Looks fantastic!! Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner :)


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