Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wire Wrapped Pendants

I have a confession… I’m addicted to jewelry making. Since getting my office / craft room in order I have rediscovered my love of all things beaded.

It all started with these wire wrapped glass bead pendants. The instructions I used are from Nat at North Shore Days. She has a great tutorial that you should check out.

I made 3 for me…

And then another 5. Seriously, I couldn’t stop. The only reason I didn’t make more was that I ran out of head pins.

Because I couldn’t make more but, as stated above, couldn’t stop making jewelry, I decided to make some pendants with wire circled at the bottom.

I’m not good with jewelry tutorials but hopefully you get the idea.

First I wrapped 20-gauge wire around my round-nosed pliers. I then continued wrapping to form a swirl, flattening it with my flat pliers as necessary. Once I had enough wire I straightened the wire so it came off the circle at a 90 degree angle and strung on a few beads. I then cut the wire, made a loop at the top, and added a jump ring.

True to style, I shouldn’t stop at one so I made 3 with two beads each and another four with three beads that I haven't taken photos of. I told you. Addicted.

On a sort-of related note, I sold my first items on Etsy: 3 bird nest pendants. Woo hoo! It may have taken a while but better late than never. If you want to check out the other items I have available (including some of the pendants shown in this post) you can click on the tab for my Etsy page up top. Use the coupon code BlogDiscountFeb2013 to save 10%.

Because I love them so much, here's one last shot of my wire wrapped pendants. I wore the three of them together one day last week and got several compliments on them. By the way, check out the new haircut. I chopped it off after the wedding but went even shorter about a month ago and started straightening it again. It makes me happy.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Painting My Office / Craft Room

On Sunday I showed you the start of turning M’s bedroom into my office/craft room which involved (shudder) painting the closet. Since then I’ve painted the rest of the room. Here are my opinions on the products I used. This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products using my own money but wish I’d been able to find info like this on these products so I thought I’d share.

I started with the usual prep: patching holes, sanding bumps, washing walls, and taping edges. Instead of traditional green painters tape I decided to try Scotch Blue Edgeworks tape. It’s supposed to have some fancy way of stopping paint from bleeding under the tape. In my opinion, it was just like every other painters tape. It was fine but I still had some bleeding. Plus, it had to come off while the paint was still wet.; I know I should always take tape off when the paint is wet but usually I get lazy and leave it for a day or two. Honestly, it was fine but I won’t spend the extra for this tape again.

Next I painted the walls a beautiful purple. It’s called Silverberry from Behr. I used their Ultra Paint and Primer in One in a satin finish. I have mixed feelings about the paint. It was a little tricky to use, in that it went on really thick but I had trouble not having drips at first. With that said, it took ONE coat and I got excellent coverage. However, I went from a periwinkle to a purple so it wasn’t a huge change. Would I use it again? Maybe. Probably. Most likely. I like that I didn’t have to do a second coat so the little bit of drippage (is that even a word?) was worth it.

Once it was all dry I hung up the curtains. I bought them on clearance at a discount store and wasn’t sure if I liked them or not but I figured they were cheap and would do for the time being. Turns out they look much nicer than they did in the package and they're Martha. Not bad for $8! I’ve been busy refinishing a desk (the primer has to set for 7 days and I’m really impatient) and getting the rest of the room set up. I’ll be sure to show you once it’s all put together. Until then, here’s another look and my new favourite paint colour.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Painting Closets: A Tip

Last night I started working on my office/craft room (formerly M’s bedroom, which is being moved to the basement). You have no idea how excited this makes me! What didn’t make me excited was the ugly closet. I love painting rooms but I hate painting closets. In fact, when we painted M’s room we left the closet the boring beige that is still in much of our house.

The closet before. This photo is decieving: the walls are more
blueish and the closet is more beige. Either way, at this point I'd
taken all the hardware out of the closet so it was an empty hole.

I wasn’t sure about painting the closet, although I really didn’t want to leave it beige, so when my mom told me this tip she was given by someone at a paint shop, I thought it was brilliant. Are you ready for it? PAINT THE CLOSET WHITE! Sorry to yell but I’m so excited. It’s so simple. It’ll match any colour. It’ll always look clean and fresh.  I’ll never (or at least not for a very long time) have to paint it again. Maybe this is common sense to others but it was pretty revolutionary for me.

The closet after. It looks so much better. I love the crisp white! Also,
in case you're wondering why there are no shelves, I patched the holes
and plan on putting book shelves in the closet. I don't plan on keeping clothes
in my office/craft room but want to make use of the storage space.

So last night that’s exactly what I did. I used Behr Paint and Primer in One with a satin ultra finish. The colour is W-F-600, Snowfall. I love the colour but am not sure how I feel about the paint yet. My opinion was tainted by my hatred of painting the closet (and even worse, the ceiling in the closet) so I’ll let you know my thoughts after I paint the rest of the room.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rothko Inspired Art

A little while ago I showed you my living room and told you I’d write you about the artwork later. Welcome to later. It started when I saw this Rothko Rip Off. I loved the simplicity of it and decided to make some of my own. Please keep in mind I am not an artist nor do I have aspirations of being one. However, I like art and really can’t afford to buy pieces for all my space.

First I took the cardboard from the back of the frame. That’s what I used as my background. While it was apart I spray painted the frame white.

Next I painted the white. I went all the way around and drew a line across each page. I made a point of not having it perfect and left some wonky lines and edges.

The I added my wide rectangles. There was no rhyme or reason. I just went with what I was feeling.

I thought that would be the end but I still felt like I was missing something so I added the few smaller rectangles inside the wider rectangles.

I originally planned to put one on each side of the couch but they were much too small. Instead I hung them both on nails that were already in the wall and planned to readdress the art situation a few days later. They’ve been there for several months now and honestly, I’m stuck. Oh well. I like them and I’ve put off replacing them this long so a little while longer won’t matter.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Fruit Loop Squares

In case you missed the overview (click here to check it out), here's a little background. M turned 11 in December and wanted to have a colourful party. She chose to invite two friends for a sleepover instead of lots of friends for a shorter party. I’ve already posted about the d├ęcor, the cake, and the crayon art. It’s taken a while but here are the delicious fruit loop squares I made for the party.

This recipe is adapted from this one by Dana at Made.

¼ cup margarine
6 cups mini marshmallows
8 cups fruit loops (I used generic brand)

Step 1: Melt the margarine and mini marshmallows in a large pot over medium heat.

Step 2: Once melted, stir in the fruit loops.

Step 3: Press them into a greased cookie sheet with a fairly high lip. I actually used a sheet that was too big so I pressed them to one side and it worked fine.

Step 4: Leave them in the fridge to cool.

Step 5: Cut up and serve. I served them with some chocolate chip cookies. I also put the candy bowls on the tray for the girls to munch on during the movie.

Just a warning: these may be the most addictive cookies I've ever made. Seriously, I could not stop eating them. It was so bad I've avoided making them again because I really have no will power and self restraint.

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