Friday, 18 January 2013

Past Valentines

I don't have much to share from past Valentines but it was the first occasion for which I specifically crafted things to post on my blog so I thought I'd share what I have. Please be kind and remember I had only been blogging a few months when these posts were done.

First is my Valentine Tree. Don't you love how I blacked out J and I? At this point he still wasn't comfortable having his picture on the blog.

The other thing I made was this set of Scrapbook Paper Pictures. They have always been a favourite of mine and I have since made scrapbook paper pictures for several other seasons.

So there you have both the Valentines crafts I made last year. Stay tuned because I have a couple more in mind to add this year.

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  1. Hi, allison, I also posted some stuff from last year. Why not? It's still good, right? Would love to have you link this (and anything else) to my link party going on now. Thanks, Linda


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