Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Resolution

I don’t really like making resolutions for January 1st. It’s not that I have anything against New Year’s resolutions, but in my mind my new year starts in September instead of January. I did some reflecting and made my resolutions as I was getting ready to take on the new school year. With that said, here’s one thing I’m committing to for 2013.

My resolution this year is to go through my house room by room. My plan is to complete one room a month (or two smaller rooms) and to share them with you as a way to stay accountable. I realize this is a large undertaking but I'm hoping you'll help me be accountable.

The first step in each room is to clean out and organize. While I realize this may be a daunting task for some, it’s actually not that bad for me. I’m the opposite of a hoarder and love to throw things out so I shouldn’t have much to get rid of.  The exception to that is my craft stash. That’s going to be scary.

The next step is to record everything for insurance purposes (using mostly photos and writing some serial numbers). I think this part sounds dreadful and I’ve been putting off doing it for years.  I realize this really won’t be worth blogging about but I’m sure I’ll show you some pictures.

Last but not least I plan to take stock of what is still needed for each room. Some rooms are almost done (or as done as they’ll be for a while) while others need a major overhaul. The point is not to focus on what we’re lacking, but to take stock so we can plan and prioritize for the future.

Shall I begin? No time like the present… For January I’ll be tacking two areas: the front entrance and the living room. In the entrance there isn’t much to do so that’ll be a quick one. In the living room there are several things that need to be cleaned out and dealt with that I’ve been avoiding for a while but overall it should be too bad. I figure I should start with something fairly manageable to ease myself into it. Check back at the end of January to find out how I did and to read about what’s next.

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