Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My Favourite Projects

I can’t believe Christmas is over and we’re on the home stretch to the New Year. I have a few things planned for the blog starting in January but I thought I’d do a couple recaps before 2013. To start, I wanted to do a countdown of 10 11 of my favourite and/or most useful posts (in no particular order). These are the things that I have enjoyed the most or found the most useful, but ones that were not necessarily the most popular. Click on the title to go to the original post.


  1. Hi Allison! you got some amazing projects here! I'm totally doing the boot tray one! My hubs works in construction and you have no idea how handy this would be for us...(and My Carpet)! Thank You and Happy 2013!

  2. Great projects here! I'll be hosting a Best of 2012 Linky Party starting at midnight tonight at where people can post their recap or favorite post of 2012. Either this or your Top Visited Posts would be a great addition!


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