Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How To Eat a Cupcake?

Just a week and a day after J’s birthday, D turned the big 13. That’s right, I have a teenage stepson. Crazy! Anyway, he was at his mom’s on the actually day so we planned on celebrating later. His actual birthday I got home from school, started getting supper, and finally got around to listening to the answering machine. It was D, asking if he could come over and celebrate. Of course we said yes! Want to see his birthday cake?

That’s right, mini store-bought cupcakes. We’re going to have a real cake at some point but we wanted him to have candles to blow out and cake to eat on his birthday so we had to settle for what we could find.

Anyway, these mini-cupcakes reminded me of something I saw on Pinterest. It was one of those 25 tips or 12 helpful hints or something but I didn’t pin it. For some reason it stuck with me. According to the article, the proper way to eat a cupcake is as follows:

Rip off the bottom half. Place it on top of the icing so the icing is sandwiched in the middle of two pieces of the cupcake. Eat.

What do you think? Have you ever eaten a cupcake like this? I tried it and actually quite liked it but I’m not sure I’d feel the same if it was a full-size cupcake.

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