Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Advent Calendar

We typically don’t do advent calendars with the step-kids. We tried in the past but it didn’t work because the kids weren’t here all the time and then they’d come over and eat a weeks worth of chocolate at once. After a couple years, we gave up. However with them living here this year, I wanted to do bring back the tradition with an extra special advent calendar. Here’s what I came up with.

Below is a breakdown of what’s included. I guess it’s a good thing the kids don’t read my blog. Each kid gets the same type thing, although the specific presets are different. I put them all in a white bin from the dollar store.

Number of Days
Striped takeout boxes
Hershey Kisses (Chocolate and Cookies & Cream)
Tiny white baggies with Christmas stickers
Jelly Beans
Tiny white baggies with Christmas stickers
Brown paper baggies with baker’s twine
Little presents (chap stick, earrings, pocket warmers, etc.) that are geared towards the interests of each kid
Polka Dot takeout boxes
Gift cards for Wal-Mart and the local movie store
Polka Dot takeout boxes
Brown craft paper with baker’s twine
Bigger presents (games, calendars)

I apologize for not having better photos but I had to put this together when the step-kids weren’t around. That meant no natural light for me and you get to see my coats hanging on the chairs in the background. Oh well, just keeping it real. Now comes the hard part of waiting until December 1st to let them start opening.

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  1. This looks fabulous! What lucky stepkids you have! I hope they like it!


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