Sunday, 9 September 2012

Autumn Artwork & Fall Decorations part 2

Yesterday I showed you some of my fall decorating. The only thing I didn’t show you was my dresser because I was waiting for the artwork to dry. Well, it’s dry and here it is.

Want to make one yourself? It’s pretty easy!

You’ll need:
Sponge brushes
Scrap paper or old table cloth

Step 1: Paint the back of one of the leaves. You’ll want to do this on scrap paper or an old table cloth because it get pretty messy. I used an old legal-size envelope.

Step 2: Press the leaf onto the paper.

Step 3 - ?: Repeat. Change colours, change leaf shapes, get creative. Keep going until you're satisfied.

Once it’s dry, cut to the proper size and place it in your frame. You could cut before hand but I like to make mine too big and then I can decide which part I like best and want to use.

Here you can see it on the dresser (aka my fake mantle) that I redid several months ago. I used some more of the mini-pumpkins and gourds in a bowl I already had, as well as a small bowl of pinecones. I thought it was finished but it needed some height to balance the spider plant (which I recently cut WAY down) so J and M got me some branches to put in a vase. They made it look complete and should transition nicely into Halloween. 

And just because I love it, here it is again.

I’d like to add some more fall crafts into the mix but for my first year decorating for fall, I think it looks good. I’m sure I’ll add more to it next year.

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  1. THESE are way cute!! I am so going to do this. What a fun way to decorate for the harvest season!


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