Sunday, 26 August 2012


Sorry once again for disappearing for a little while. I’m finding it very hard to find a balance between blogging and all the other things going on in my life. I appreciate you sticking with me.

Anyway, last week I went away again. I was in Edmonton as part of a working group for Alberta Education. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from and meet with fellow teachers. While I was there I bought a pretty new MacBook that I’m still trying to figure it out and that I’m in love with, but that’s not the point. I thought that would be the most exciting part of my trip so I was very surprised to open the gate when I got home and see this…

Yep, it’s a cage. Those of you who’ve been around a while know I decided to try growing my own veggies from seed this year. It was going ok – lots of tomatoes, some cucumbers and a very lovely pepper plant with no visible peppers.  My precious nephew even helped me water them while he was here for the wedding.

Unfortunately, I went out one morning and saw Benson (the little dog) by the plant. Hmmm… That didn’t seem right. Upon further inspection I discovered he ate it. THE WHOLE PLANT. I think a bit of steam came out of my ears when I made the discovery. I told Jesse that I wanted a cover of some sort but could't really picture anything that would work. I was thinking some sort of removable box. We talked about it and, to be honest, I thought that was the end of it.

This is what Benson left behind.
Fast forward to my arrival home. While I was gone my wonderful husband constructed this cage and kept it a secret the entire time. It is latched shut so the dogs can’t get in but I can, and the hinges swing both ways for easy access. It is also easily removable so that when we finish the stone patio (we plan on filling in stones all the way to the fence so we can get some patio furniture and enjoy our outdoor space) we can remove it and then reattach it. The reason it’s so big is that, knowing how I am, J figured I’d want to expand my garden next year.

Here are the plants. These are the same ones I started in egg shells. As I mentioned in that post, next year I'll be buying the plants already started.

I'm happy they're growing nicely inside the cage. Isn’t it (the cage) fantastic? I think it was an amazing surprise! Maybe I should go away more often…

The view the dogs have of the plants inside their cage.

On a side note, I realize I still haven't shown you anything from our wedding or honeymoon. I will, I promise. I'm just waiting for photographs.

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  1. I hadn't seen your post about starting from seeds!! I did too, a little later than you (dunno if you saw my post...). And they looked just like yours did at the beginning (well they should right?!)!! My pepper plants are JUST starting to have tiny little peppers on them lol. Cukes were hit by cuke beetles and all died. Other than that I had different ones than you. My problem was not little dogs, but squirrels, they just liked to dig up the plants after being planted. The chicken wire fencing I put up (which was suppose to be galvanized) all rusted and won't be good for next year, but I do think it did the job well. I'm curious to know if yours holds up, I think I might buy some better one (read: not from Dollarama) next year, but I am definetely trying again!! I'm also super frugal, and this year was still more promising than I had hoped! Gardening is a nice pass time :)


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