Friday, 31 August 2012

More Veggies (How I'll Be Spending My Weekend)

Is it just me or do you love September? There’s something about getting back into the routines of the school year while starting with a fresh new bunch of students that always seems to invigorate me. I changed schools this year from a traditional junior high to an alternate school for grades 7-12 so I’m extra excited (and a little nervous) about getting started with my new students!

Another thing I’m excited about: veggies! These are not ones I grew myself. They are from a former colleague. She has given me some the past few years and I really love them!

I’ve been thinking about what to do with them and the plan is to blanch and freeze the peas and greens, can the green stems, beets, and carrots, and grate and freeze the zucchini. I think I’ve got my weekend’s work cut out for me. I’m planning to try a few old recipes and a few new ones and I’ll share them with you over the next few weeks.

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