Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Spray Paint Fail

I’ve been taking care of odds and ends for the wedding and things are coming along. One thing I needed was a plate of some sort to hold the pens and stickers for the guestbook scrapbook pages. I couldn't find a silver one I liked so I bought a black plate and decided to decorate it. I thought I would use Modge Podge to put some paper doilies on the plate, spray paint it silver, and then remove the doilies.

I went to get my silver spray paint and my thought process went something like this: My silver is almost empty... Hmmm, what about this? It’s for aluminum. Oh well, hopefully it’ll work… No, I don’t think it’ll work…. I really don’t want to get dressed and go to the store but I want to get this done… I’m sure it’ll work.

Can you guess what happened?

It didn’t work. When I peeled off the doilies the paint came with it. I guess I should have gone and bought the proper spray paint. Fail.

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