Sunday, 13 May 2012

Eggshell Seedlings (and Happy Mother's Day)

Being that it is Mother’s Day, I debated writing a post about my wonderful mama. Instead, I thought I’d post about one of our shared hobbies – gardening. In the past I have had a flower garden which is mostly perennials and a couple pots of annuals. This year I decided to add some vegetables to the mix. I wanted to start from seed (because I’m cheap frugal) and had seen lots of eggshell planters floating around Pinterest so I decided to give them a try. I planted tomato, cucumber and green pepper, as well as some Morning Glory for a pot.

After eating nothing but eggs for two days I had a dozen shells. I filled them about 2/3s with soil, sprinkled some seeds, and then covered with more soil. In order to remember what I planted in each egg, I labeled them with a marker. I put them back in the carton, watered them, and placed them in the window.

By day 14, I had some plants thriving and others, well, I wouldn’t even call them plants. Two of my cucumber eggshells were growing like crazy and my Morning Glory were doing well. I wanted to get them into something bigger so I went and bought some bigger plantable pots, filled them with soil, and added the eggshells. I also planted some more tomato and pepper seeds in bigger pots because I was worried about my eggs.

By day 21 I had some tomatoes growing as well as one egg of peppers. Nothing from the second round of pots can be seen yet. I decided that my cucumber and Morning Glory were ready and moved them outside.

What I learned:
-       It’s not fun to eat eggs for a whole weekend
-       Not all seeds actually grow
-       It doesn’t take long for some plants to outgrow their eggs
-       Having to buy more seeds and pots meant this really wasn’t much cheaper.

Was it fun watching them grow? Yes. Was it successful? I don’t know yet. Will I do it again? Probably not. I think I’ll stick to buying plants.

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  1. Each spring I intend to start out my seeds indoors, but I never want to spend the cash for the starter kits. What a great idea, I love it!!

  2. Seed starting is both fun a stressful...if they don't grow, this is a good idea thnks for linking at inspiration cafe


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