Friday, 13 April 2012

Vacation Highlights

As I said in my last post, I’ve spent 8 days in Ontario and Quebec with a group of 28 students, 10 parents and 3 other teachers. It has been a fantastic and exhausting vacation, full of excitement and discovery for the students. I apologize in advance for the giant gaps in my photos, but most of them contain students and posting them would be a violation of FOIP and a little creepy.

Our first stop was Ottawa, which is Canada’s capital. We spent three days there and went quite a few places. My favorites have always been and continue to be Byward Market, an Ottawa Senators game, and Parliament.

Next we took the train (first class, woohoo) to Montreal. We spent two days there which, while it’s my favorite place we visit, is long enough with a group of teenagers. The highlights of Montreal for me were shopping on Ste. Catherine Street and the Biodome.

Finally we journeyed on to our last stop, Quebec City. We spent three days there, one of which was actually spent outside the city. I think this was the favorite stop of the students. I really enjoyed spending time in Old Quebec and going for a horse-drawn carriage ride with the other chaperones. I also loved going to Montmorency Falls, which is high than Niagara Falls, and eating maple on snow at a Sugar Shack.

In order to fly home, we drove back to Montreal. While there we toured the Bell Center which, being a Habs fan, is always a highlight for me.

We do this trip every two years, so it’s a long time coming. I’m always burnt out and ready to be done right before the trip. Then I go and have an amazing time and remember why I do it. I get about a month off and then I’ll start planning for Easter 2014.

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