Thursday, 26 April 2012

Organizing My Pantry (Meal Planning Part 2)

One of the realities of grocery shopping once a month (to learn more, check out this post on monthly meal planning) was the fact that my pantry was an overflowing, disorganized disaster. To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed to show you the before pictures but I will. I decided if I was going to shop once a month I needed a good system in my pantry that would work for me. I realize that this pantry may not look pretty but it’s organized and functional, which are what I want.

Above you see before. Things were stuffed everywhere, there was leftover Halloween candy in a bucket (and these photos were taken in March) and I couldn’t find anything without getting frustrated. For someone who loves organization as much as I do, something had to change.

Before beginning, I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of storage tubs. I went with clear so my food would be easily visible. I also got a few cereal containers. As well, I made sure I had clear labels so I could label the containers once they were full.

I waiting until we were about half way through the month. That way, I didn’t have too much food to organize. 

I started by taking everything out and being honest with myself. If I didn’t like it and didn’t plan on making it, I put it in a donation box. I then sorted everything into categories, like breakfast, baking, and beverages. Once it was organized on the counter, I started putting things back in the pantry. I found convenient places for everything, labelled my containers, and called it finished. The only thing I’m not happy with is my tin foil, baggies, etc. I haven’t figured out what to do with these yet. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll stop writing and give you some photos. Here are some pictures showing how the pantry is currently organized.

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  1. A very good idea. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. That looks very nice. Great job! I really need to organize the cabinets in my pantry. They are a disaster. Thanks for the inspiration. Susan


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