Monday, 2 April 2012

Camera Case

Two posts in two days, look at me go. Those of you who read regularly know I don’t typically post this often but this is not a typical week. In approximately 36 hours I’ll be on my way to the airport with a bus full of junior high kids and their parents – to be specific 28 kids and 10 parents, along with 3 other staff members. Every second year we head to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec and as the French teacher I’m one of the people in charge of planning. This’ll be my third time doing this trip and I really enjoy it.

This trip is a major reason I couldn’t ignore my camera falling apart. Along with the camera strap I shared yesterday, I also made a padded camera bag. I was going to buy one but I couldn’t find one I liked that was the proper size so I went on the hunt for instructions. I found a pattern for a padded camera pouch at Keyka Lou. This was my first time using a pattern so I was hesitant to buy it but I was surprised how easy it was to follow. I did make a couple modifications - I didn't use batting and I used old fabric instead of muslin.

To be honest, the first one I made isn’t great. It’s functional but, being a perfectionist, I wasn’t satisfied. These pictures are from the second one. It’s the extra-large pattern and is just right for my camera with its fancy strap, the battery charger, and the cord that connects it to the computer. I do plan on changing out the ribbon but I don’t have anything that matches and don’t want to go to the store before my vacation.

That’s it for me for a while. I’m off to see the sights and enjoy spending time with some amazing students, parents and colleagues. I promise I’ll take lots of pictures and share some with you when I return. Happy Easter!

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  1. It looks so useful and darling! Have a great time on the trip. We'll be so close, though probably when you'll be in Ottawa I'll be in Montreal, and vice-versa; going home for Easter weekend :)


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