Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zippered Pillow Case

I’ve made several pillow covers before but never ones with zippers. You see, growing up my mom would sew anything I wanted… as long as it didn’t have a zipper. Because of this, sewing a zipper was not something I was looking forward to but, because I wanted removable pillow cases, I decided to go for it.

I could try and explain it to you but, to be honest, I don’t think I can. Instead, here’s the video I used. It's kind of slow and trying to sell you their products but I found it really helpful.

Unlike the video instructed, I cut my fabric ½ inch larger per side than my pillow. For example, if my pillow was 12 inches, I cut my pieces at 13 inches. This left me a ½ inch seam allowance on each side and made my cases the same size as the pillow.

Also unlike the video, I didn’t use a continuous zipper. Because of this, I measured the length of my zipper and when I sewed in on either side, I made sure the gap in between was the right size for the zipper I had purchased.

OK, So my zipper's a little off-center... Good thing it's on the bottom.

I’m sorry that there aren’t a lot of pictures but once I was sewing I didn’t want to stop.

A close up of the finished pillow
See, you can't even see the off-center zipper.

I was so impressed with my zipper sewing ability that I continued and made 2 more pillows. I guess I conquered my zipper fear. Take that, zippers!

What about you? Have you conquered any DIY fears?

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