Friday, 3 February 2012

Fun With Words

It’s been a busy week with report cards and parent teacher interviews so I thought I’d share something I made for my classroom. Don’t worry; it’s not just for teachers. You can also use it to make cute printable word art for your home.

For each chapter or unit I teach, there are things my students are expected to learn. They get these outcomes in a handout and we refer to them regularly in class but I like to have the posted as well. Another teacher introduced me to the website wordle (dot) net and I fell in love.

A Language Arts outcome bulletin board using Wordle prints

Here’s how I did it. I went to the website and clicked on “create”. I then copied and pasted the text I wanted in the box. In my case it was the outcomes for a Social Studies chapter about immigration.

Once the text was in the box I clicked on “go” and it brought me to my word art. I wasn’t happy with the first one, as I found certain words were too large.

Because the size of the word is determined by the frequency at which it occurs, I went back and repasted my outcomes. I then removed some words (immigration 4 times and policies 2 times) so that they still stand out but aren’t overwhelming the rest of the words.

I was much happier with my second version, so I started playing with the details. I changed the font, the arrangement of the words, and the colours. I should let you know I haven’t figured out how to change the size it prints and the page orientation. I don’t know if those things can be changed or not.

Once I liked the way it looked, I printed and laminated it. Now all that’s left to do is post it when we start the unit.

The finished product, ready to be posted on the Social Studies board.
To show how quick and easy it is to make these, I whipped up one using lyrics to one of my favorite songs which J and I are using in our wedding – Feels Like Home. I cut pasted the words off the internet, changed the font and word layout, and customized the colours to make the Valentine’s-y. Now that I’m familiar with the program (not that it took much time to figure it out) it took less than 5 minutes and was easy.

*Please excuse the not-so-great photos. I took them of the computer screen with my camera and couldn't get them to look very good.

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