Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Embossed Wedding Invitations

I had planned on posting these yesterday (because it was the day of love) but I was too busy eating greasy Chinese takeout and watching movies with J. Yes, that was our idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day. So here they are a day late, my homemade wedding invitations.

I have to give serious credit to Deanna, a fantastic colleague who helped me design and create these. She’s amazing at scrapbooking and cardmarking and is teaching herself to crochet! Given that we only needed 8 invites, we made them after school one day in her classroom and had them done in just over an hour.

Supplies we used:
Purple cardstock
White cardstock
Paper cutter
Clear stamp pad
Black embossing powder
Tray and embossing accessories
Heat gun
Glue tape

I printed out my invites and names for place cards before we got together. I’m aware that, according to proper wedding invitation etiquette, I should have spelled the numbers but I didn’t want to. I’m going with a “who cares what etiquette says, I’m doing what I want” attitude about most things with this wedding and these invites are no exception.

We cut the purple cardstock down to 8.5 x 5.5 and then cut the white slightly smaller.

Next, Deanna stamped the corner of the white page with clear ink and coated it with embossing powder. I had never embossed before so it was neat to learn how. For example, who knew a paintbrush could be used to get rid of extra powder? Not me, until she taught me.

My job was to man the heat gun (Is it called an embossing gun?). I held it until the powder was shiny and beautiful. I managed to successfully heat all of the invitations and not even burn myself. Those who know me know this is an accomplishment.

We then used this two sided glue tape stuff that probably has a real name to stick the white paper on the purple paper. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. We're going for "casual elegance" at our wedding and I think these fit very well. I also like how each one is slightly different and they are obviously homemade.

We used the same steps for the place cards. I have little silver frames that the name cards will be placed in. The plan is to do something similar for the programs and maybe the menus (if we print them) once those things are finalized.

P.S. Mom, if you see this before your invite arrives… sorry. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak.

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