Thursday, 12 January 2012

Valentine's Paper Piecing Pictures

I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day before. I don’t dislike it or anything, just have never bothered. However, while browsing Pinterest (of course) I came across this paper piecing idea for Christmas. I also saw this neat card. These two items got my wheels turning...

Materials I used:
Picture frames
Spray paint (to paint the picture frames)
Scrapbook paper
2 sided sticky foam things that probably have a fancy name (like glue dots but with foam)
Letter stickers
*I already had everything except the frames so this craft cost be $3.15. Love it!

Step 1: I prepared the picture frames. I bought mine at Dollarama and they were different wooden shades. I spray painted them both using white primer and paint in one.

Step 2: I cut two pieces of scrapbook paper to fit my frames. For the 4x6 I used pink paper and for the 5x7 I used striped paper.

Step 3: I cut out 6 hearts. You could use a stencil or a punch or whatever but I like them slightly uneven. In order to make the two pictures blend together I used some paper from each background for the other picture as well as a few other scraps.

Step 4: I played with ink. I sponged the edges of the hearts to make them look more textured. I also sponged the line which was an adventure… first I tried drawing it with a sharpie but it looked too stark so I had to scrap that piece. Next I tried drawing it with a paint pen but it was still to stark so I had to scrap that piece as well. For my third try I attempted to sponge a line but it was too messy so the third one was also scrapped. Finally, I used some of my scrap paper and cut out a template for my line. I placed it on top of the paper and sponged over it. Before the ink dried, I smeared it a little bit with my finger. Finally, I had one I was satisfied with.

Step 5: I placed my hearts. For the one on the striped picture I used three foam sticky things (do you like my technical terminology?) to attach it. For the five on the line, I used foam sticky things on the first, third and fifth. I attached the second and fourth with glue so are flat. I trimmed the edges of the hearts on either end to square them up.

Step 6: I added my word. I used foam letter stickers to write the word “love” to my smaller picture.

And here you have it – my first Valentine’s Day decoration. Honestly I think it took longer to write this post than it actually took to make it and I think I might have to make some for every season.

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  1. It looks great Allison! What a sweet project! Hope your week is going great...stay warm! Angie xo


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