Sunday, 4 December 2011

D and M's Ornaments

We put our tree up today. I’m normally very obsessive about organization, neatness and things matching – seriously, I have a bit of a problem. The tree is an exception. It’s full of ornaments from over the years with no rhyme, reason or theme. It’s totally tacky and I love it! While putting the ornaments on the tree, D and M (the stepkids) found some we made last year. These were easy for the kids to make with a little help and supervision (except the spray sealer, which I did myself). I think they’re beautiful!

First are the bead balls. We bought a bunch of silver ball ornaments from the dollar store and used ribbon to hang them. The kids each poured different beads in a bowl, coated their ornaments in Modge Podge, and rolled them in the beads. We hung them to dry and then coated them with spray acrylic sealer.

Next we made tissue paper balls. We used the more silver ball ornaments with ribbon. The kids ripped up scraps of tissue paper (but you could use anything), coated their ornaments in Modge Podge, and covered them with scraps of tissue paper. Once again, we hung them to dry and then coated them with spray acrylic sealer.

The puzzle snowflakes were the messiest. We took old puzzle pieces and painted them the colours they planned to make their snowflakes. Looking back, this was unnecessary. Once they were dry we covered them with Modge Podge and glitter. We let that dry and then, using one puzzle pieces as the middle, glued other puzzle pieces around the outside to make a snowflake. Next we glued on ribbon so they could hang and once the glue had dried we coated them with acrylic sealer.

Last but not least, we made bell wreaths. We simply strung bells on craft wire, tied the wire in a circle, tied a bow to hide the join, and tied ribbon on them so they can hang on the tree.

To me, theses ornaments are better than anything I could find at a store. I love them, both because they are pretty and because they have happy memories of our little family making something together.

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